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Sonyflake is a distributed unique ID generator inspired by Twitter's Snowflake.

This is a python rewrite of the original sony/sonyflake project, written in Go.

A Sonyflake ID is composed of

39 bits for time in units of 10 msec
 8 bits for a sequence number
16 bits for a machine id


pip install sonyflake-py


from sonyflake import SonyFlake
sf = SonyFlake()
next_id = sf.next_id()

The generator can be configured with variety of options, such as custom machine_id, start_time etc.

  • start_time should be an instance of datetime.datetime.
  • machine_id should be a callable which returns an integer value upto 16-bits.


The MIT License (MIT).

Last update: 2021-03-17